Our philosopea

We love hummus, we grew up eating it, so we know the joy it brings. Now our goal is to share the pleasure with as many people as we can.  But we don't want to do it in the same old way as everyone else: In hummusbar, we try to establish our own language and put our own feelings into every environment we design.  Our goal is to create food people love and want to come back for. Handmade and heartfelt – we think that says it all.

hummustory... so far

When we started hummusbar nobody knew what hummus or falafel was! Now everybody does. The journey hasn’t been easy, but we’ve  tried to turn every obstacle into an opportunity. Our passion led the way and here we are. Walking around the city today, we see happy people enjoying our food- and that makes us happy too. But our mission isn’t over: We want to share the joy of hummus with as many people as we can!

2005. December

The journey begins: we open our first hummusbar in a small street in Budapest.


We sell 3 kilos of hummus and falafel a day.


Our flagship branch opens in Október 6. utca, Budapest.


The first franchise branch opens in Bartók Béla út, Budapest.


We do a full rebranding to refresh our hummusbars.


The first international franchise branch opens in Slovakia.


We see happy faces everywhere and sell 42,5 tons of hummus and 40 tons of falafel a month!

faces behind the chickpea

Uri Gotlibovich


Pavel Mintz


Adrian Kilby

Brand consultant