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Handmade. Heartfelt.

This has always been our philosophy from day one. Freshly prepared, tasty, authentic food, delivered daily to each of our restaurants then served with love. Simple. Be part of it!


Our story

We started small, back in 2005. A tiny place in the lovely area of Kertész utca in Budapest. Offering our guests hummus, falafels and a couple of salads. People liked us, so we opened another... and another. 

We specialise in traditionally made, authentic tasting hummus and made to order complimentary dishes and desserts. All our dishes are made by hand, fresh, every day, in our purpose designed kitchens and we create all our own unique dressings and seasonings. Our restaurants are lively, fun places, where everyone can mix, relax and enjoy healthy, delicious food served with love. Simple. 

Why work with us?

Dedicated team

You can be part of a young and dedicated team, whose goal is to make every day special. 

Bonus system

You will have a well established career with us, that even has a bonus system!

Flexible hours

You can work in flexible shifts.

Flexible payments

Our payment method is as flexible as our shifts.

opportunites for you - right now!

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