As a chain, our concept and brand doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, so we know we are doing something special.

We have developed all the logistic and operational systems you will need and we are growing. We already have franchise partners in Hungary, Bratislava, Sofia, and Lisbon. So join our mission to share our food and philosophy with more people in more destinations. The international hummusbar train is on the move - climb aboard!

why is it so good?


All our branches operate successfully wherever they are. The concept is proven.


We provide you with the full logistical package you will need. It has an easy operational system, based on our years of experience. You just adapt it to your market.


There is no need for previous experience in the food retail industry, we will teach you everything!


We provide you with a very easy and profitable business structure.

we are looking for…

Great operators

Great operators to open branches on a domestic and international basis. You must love people, to give them the service they deserve. We believe that human resource is our most precious advantage.. We are looking for entrepreneurs who would love to represent our brand globally and would bring their positive values and vibes into the hummusbar family.

Single / master franchisee

We are looking for team leaders who can get along with people easily and have the communication skills to create a  strong community in their own restaurants.. It could be a single branch or a regional franchise  – all the options are open!

How do we start?

First of all: does this sound like you? If so - great! Please fill in the details below and send us a message. We will get back to you and help you to kickstart your very own hummusbar branch.

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